St Mary’s, Iffley

St Mary's Iffley

St Mary’s Iffley is set on the end of a spur of rising ground which stretches all the way up to Shotover; but a few metres in front of the west door the land falls sharply down to the river. Thus it is in a position of prominence in all the country to the west.

This was the plot chosen in the 1160’s -1170’s by the master mason and the lord of the manor, Robert de S. Remy, in concert with his wife. The style in which the church is built is technically called High Romanesque, but also widely known in this country as late Norman.

Iffley is famous not only for its sculpture, but for the fact that its main structure has stayed the same for over 800 years.

Today, the church would like to be known as a church for six things:

The depth of our spiritual life
Our commitment to bring life to others
The stepping-stones we put in place for those who wish to journey with us
The vibrancy of our common life
The beauty of our church building
Our ability to work together.

How to find us

St Mary’s Iffley,
Church Way, Iffley


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